“A Pause for the Health Cause” with Dr. Kathryn Fiddler, MS, RN, NE-BC Vice President, Population Health

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A Pause for the Health Cause

So, I grew up in Connecticut, one of three and children of a State Trooper and a nurse.  One of my best memories was of Sunday nights.  My dad would work on preparing for the week.  My dad would get out his badge, his belt buckle and his rank.  He would then ask us all to get our shoes lined up.  We only got one pair of shoes at the beginning of the school year, they were always leather.

My mom to get her white uniforms out.  He would the lay all his uniform parts out on the floor.  He would get out the ironing board, take out his brass cleaning kit, his leather kit and proceed to wax, polish, and iron.  He would polish his brass until it shined, polish our leather shoes until we could see ourselves in the toes, and then iron his uniforms and my mom’s.

Sometimes he would teach us how to do it, other times we just sat and talked with him about our day.  It was a labor of love, and also pride for himself and our family.   When I joined the Air Force, I continued that ritual, polishing my boots, ironing my uniform….  Today, I still polish my shoes and iron my clothes, preparing for my week.

We are all so busy.  We move throughout our weeks driven by kids, family, jobs, community commitments, friends and so much more.  We rarely get a minute to breathe.  What I have found, is this simple act of taking time to prepare makes a difference and allows some of life’s chaos to turn into calm.  Taking a break to plan can have a positive impact on our well-being.  It gives us time to pause and look ahead.

What if all we were able to take a pause, one day a week and prepare?  What could we accomplish?   We could plan a few lunches or dinner meals at home, avoiding fast food drive throughs for a day.  We could plan time to talk a walk, exercise at the gym, ride a bike, maybe spend time with family or friends.   We could even make time to plan for our health?  We could schedule an annual physical, a mammogram, flu shot or much needed colonoscopy if we need one?  What about a few minutes to check any prescriptions and make sure they aren’t about to run out?

Think of how much money we could save, stress we could lower, health we could improve.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”  What would it hurt, to stop wishing for life to slow down, and instead, plan for it?

Maybe try it this week, stop for 15 minutes and write down one thing you plan to do for yourself, then DO IT.  Let me know how it goes!  #Justplanonething

Dr. Kathryn Fiddler, MS, RN, NE-BC
Vice President, Population Health
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

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