Atlantis Tattoo Fundraiser Raises $4,701 for the Salisbury Zoo

Salisbury Zoo Staff holding a large check
SALISBURY, MD – A recent flash tattoo fundraiser at Atlantis Tattoo & Art Gallery raised $4,701 for the Salisbury Zoo.
During the fundraiser, which ran from June 21-23, people could choose animal-themed artwork from flash sheets, with prices ranging from $50-$100. A portion of proceeds from each themed tattoo went to the Salisbury Zoo Commission to support the Salisbury Zoo. Atlantis is located in Downtown Salisbury.
Atlantis Tattoo & Art Gallery Owner Mikey Borkoski said it was meaningful for him to be able to offer this Salisbury Zoo fundraiser because the Salisbury Zoo is a place he takes his kids regularly and it’s a free place for families to go. The Zoo inspired Atlantis Tattoo & Art Gallery’s plans to offer a free, family-friendly art gallery, he said.
“Just the chance to work with them is like a dream come true,” Borkoski said.
Arts, Business and Culture Department Director Allen Swiger said the funds will benefit the Salisbury Zoo’s new Andean bear exhibit.
“This is a new kind of fundraiser for the Salisbury Zoo, and it was a massive success,” Swiger said. “Thank you to Atlantis Tattoo & Art Gallery for partnering with us, and thanks to everyone who came out to get a tattoo to benefit the Zoo.”