Attention Podcast Listeners: NASA Now Available on Spotify

NASA advertisement for the new podast

From interviews with astronauts and engineers to stories that take you on a tour of the galaxy, NASA’s podcasts let you experience the thrill of space exploration without ever leaving Earth.

NASA released its collection of original podcasts on Spotify Tuesday, giving more people access to in-depth conversations, stories, and Spanish-language content, as the agency works to explore the unknown in air and space.

The agency’s podcasts are available ad-free, and without cost, to Spotify’s audience of 574 million users.

“Telling the story of NASA’s goals and missions inspires the world to dream big and reach for the stars, especially members of the Artemis Generation. We’re excited to expand our reach, bringing NASA podcasts to Spotify for the first time,” said Marc Etkind, associate administrator, Office of Communications at the agency’s Headquarters in Washington.

NASA now offers five podcasts on Spotify, including:

  • NASA’s Curious Universe
    • Our universe is a wild and wonderful place. Join NASA astronauts, scientists, and engineers on a new adventure each episode — all you need is your curiosity! First time space explorers welcome.
  • Houston We Have a Podcast
    • From Earth orbit to the Moon and Mars, explore the world of human spaceflight with NASA each week on the official podcast of the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.
  • On a Mission
    • A journey to the stars doesn’t just begin at the launchpad. Discover new worlds through epic stories told by scientists on missions to outer space.
  • Small Steps Giant Leaps
    • NASA’s technical workforce put boots on the Moon, tire tracks on Mars, and the first reusable spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. Learn what’s next as they build missions that redefine the future with amazing discoveries and remarkable innovations.
  • Universo curioso de la NASA
    • Bienvenidos a Universo curioso de la NASA, en donde te invitamos a explorar el cosmos en tu idioma. En este pódcast, ¡la NASA es tu guía turística a las estrellas!

In the coming months, NASA plans to offer more audio-first products on Spotify, including sonifications that translate data into sound and recordings from our solar system and beyond.

“Through our podcasts, we share science and space storytelling in a way that only NASA can, leveraging the agency’s unique access to expert interviewees, dynamic locations, and mind-blowing discoveries,” said Katie Konans, audio program lead, ADNET Systems’ SESDA contract with NASA. “We are thrilled to bring NASA’s slate to Spotify, and we’re looking forward to connecting with more listeners who are curious about the universe around them.”

In addition to Spotify, users may find NASA podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Soundcloud.

From long-form interviews with NASA astronauts and engineers to stories that take audiences on a tour of the galaxy, NASA’s audio offerings let anyone experience the thrill of space exploration without leaving Earth.

Discover all of NASA’s podcasts at: