Boy Scout Troop 225 Completes a Service Project at Assateague Island National Seashore

thumbnail_Scouts at ASIS

Boy Scout Troop 225 from Berlin/Ocean City completed a service project at Assateague Island National Seashore last Friday, November 13th that will enhance the landscape surrounding the Seashore’s visitor center, parking area, and environmental education complex. The National Park Service has been working during the past few years to convert several managed garden beds in these areas to more natural, lower maintenance plantings. Troop 225 assisted with this effort by successfully planting 12 native trees and approximately two dozen native shrubs during this service project.

According to Bill Hulslander, Chief of Resource Management at the National Seashore, “making even small changes to any landscape by planting native trees and shrubs can provide significant benefits to birds, pollinators and other wildlife.” He also added “and planting a tree just makes you feel good.”

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program donated the native trees for this project, which included species such as American sycamore, river birch, tulip poplar, and black oak. Boy Scout Troop 225 provided the necessary labor to get these plants into the ground.

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