Calculating the Costs of the Governor’s Energy Order

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Governor Moore recently issued an executive order that will likely impact every facet of Marylanders’ lives. In 2022, the General Assembly passed the Climate Solutions Now Act that, among other things, set the nation’s most ambitious goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 60 percent from 2006 levels by 2031 and having “net zero” carbon emissions by 2045. One thing the plan did not include was a ban on the use of propane, natural gas or other fuels for cooking, heating, barbecues or fireplaces. That is because the legislature purposefully removed that provision from the bill as it was introduced. Now the Moore administration has chosen to sidestep the legislative process with executive action that includes comes with a $1 billion per year price tag in public sector investment.

For perspective: As a state panel ponders our multi-billion dollar climate question, leaders must consider the fact that our neighbors in Pennsylvania set a goal of just 26 percent by 2025; while Virginia does not have a near-term target — to name two. The cost of Maryland’s climate goals will impact residents and businesses dearly, taking jobs and tax base dollars with them.

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