City Announces Tree and Park Item Donation Program


The City of Salisbury is pleased to announce the launch of a tree and park item donation program, which will give citizens a way to memorialize or commemorate a loved one, organization, or special event by installing a tree, bench, or other park item.


The tree and park item donation program offers a unique and long lasting way to recognize milestones, come together as an organization for a tree planting, or instill a loved one’s memory for generations to come. 


Trees and other park items provide a vibrant legacy that help beautify and enrich our city’s green spaces. Donors may select native trees from the native tree species referenced in the city’s Tree Canopy Study. Memorial tree sponsors will receive a certificate of acknowledgement for their donation and the tree will be tagged with a message of up to 200 characters.


In addition to being able to donate trees and dedicate trees that are already planted, citizens also have the option to donate a new park bench or have an existing park bench dedicated to the person or organization of their choosing.


“We are excited to offer citizens these unique recognition opportunities, as well as a way to be more involved with their city and participate in expanding our city’s tree canopy,” shared Mayor Day.


Citizens who would like to donate a tree or park item must first fill out the Park and Tree Item Donation application on the city’s website. Once the city has reviewed your application, a representative will reach out to the donor to confirm the donated item, cost, plaque inscription and any other important details. 


To learn more about the Tree and Park Item Donation Program, check out the approved list of native trees, or view prices for donating trees and other park items visit

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