City of Salisbury Honors Debbie Stam at Salisbury Skatepark, Breaks Ground on Phase 2B

City of Salisbury

Salisbury, MD–The City of Salisbury and Mayor Jake Day were proud to honor Former Grants Manager Debbie Stam on Tuesday, September 27 at Stam Slam, a celebration of Stam and her contributions to the Salisbury Skatepark.

Stam was responsible for acquiring several grants that funded the skatepark, amounting to a total of over $650,000. This grant money, as well as sizable donations from the Skatepark Committee, the local community, and Stam herself, allowed for the construction of the Salisbury Skatepark, the first phase of which was completed in late 2015.

“We started this process all the way back in 2007! I’m so honored, and it’s a dream come true to see the final phase of construction getting underway. It has been a long time coming,” said Stam, who spoke at the event.

Mayor Jacob Day presented Stam with a certificate of acknowledgement of service and an honorary plaque fixed in stone at the entrance of the skatepark, which reads, “With gratitude to Deborah Stam for her endless support and belief in the Salisbury skating community. The skatepark in which you stand wouldn’t exist without her. In recognition of 31 incredible years of service to the citizens of Salisbury. Happy Retirement!”

Speaking to Stam in front of an audience of skaters, parents, and former and current City staff, Mayor Jacob Day said, “Debbie, we couldn’t have done it without you, and that’s all there is to it. Your spirit, your persistence, and your heart brought us here, and it is our honor–for me as your Mayor, for the City staff in attendance, and for every member of the skating community who donated money, time, or enthusiasm–it is a joy to be able to say an enthusiastic ‘Thank you!’”

The Salisbury skate community showed out in full force to support the cause, including Bobby Schaller, who has been an incremental part of development of the skatepark. “When people think of our community, skaters, there’s probably a perception that we’re not very smart – and maybe we’re not,” said Schaller. “But, Debbie saw that we’re intelligent and knowledgeable about this thing we care so much about–that we’re so passionate about–and she listened.”

Following Stam’s acknowledgement, ground was officially broken on the final stage, Phase 2-B, of the skatepark. Beside a design rendering of the new developments, City Administrator Julia Glanz, Mayor Jacob Day, Debbie Stam, skater Bobby Schaller, Councilwomen April Jackson and Michelle Gregory–followed by a crew of skaters–turned dirt and officially announced the start of progress on Phase 2-B.

Built and designed by Artisan Skateparks and Pillar Design Studios, the Salisbury Skatepark was laid out in three phases–1, 2, and 2B. Funding for Phase 2-B was approved in late 2021, and construction will get underway as soon as early October 2022.

“A skatepark has to have a good flow to it–it has to be enjoyable for the people who use it regularly,” said Mayor Jacob Day. “That means multiple design proposals, adjustments, second and third drafts… It’s not enough to have a park to skate, if that park isn’t FUN.”

Thank you to our teams from the Arts, Business, and Culture Department and Field Operations Department, as well as Debbie Stam for her continued support of the Salisbury Skatepark and unwavering dedication as an employee of the City of Salisbury.