City of Salisbury Named One of Maryland’s Healthiest Businesses


Mayor Day is proud to announce that the City of Salisbury has received the Wellness at Work Silver Award from the State of Maryland’s Healthiest Maryland Businesses initiative. This honor is awarded annually, and Salisbury has leapt from its 2016 place of “On the Path” to Silver in just one year. This award was achieved primarily through the work of the City of Salisbury Workplace Wellness Committee, a team of 10 City employees who volunteer their time to invest in creating a health-conscious work environment.

Requirements for the Wellness at Work Award are based on the CDC’s Workplace Health Model, which considers a business’ available resources, activities, and policies that allow employees to stay healthy during their work week.

The Wellness Committee receives support from CareFirst and the City of Salisbury Mayor’s Office to develop quarterly programs geared toward mitigating obesity and providing education on disease management. Over the past year, these programs have included healthy cooking lessons, yoga and Zumba classes, exercise challenges, a recurring Walk Salisbury Day, and Lunch & Learns, among others.

“It’s all about making it easy for our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said the Mayor. “Everyone is busy, and most times it’s easier to make it through the work day on fast food and then go home just to sleep before coming back to do it all over again. As a workplace, the City is trying to change that trend. With the Wellness Committee’s guidance, we’re giving City employees as many opportunities as possible to become active and healthy during their work day.”