City of Salisbury to Lend Hand to Employees Affected by Government Shutdown


Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day has announced that the City of Salisbury will defer water and sewer utility billing, and will not disconnect or charge any late fees for employees of any closed federal agencies during the Trump shutdown.

The exact number of federal employees and contractors affected by the shutdown in the City of Salisbury is unknown. There are currently 296 federal employees in Wicomico County, including federal contractors. As of Wednesday, January 16th, the shutdown has reached its 25th day, with no end in sight.

“Citizens should not have to worry about basic life necessities like water,” said Mayor Day. “It is my sincerest hope to provide some small relief during this uncertain time.”

In order to qualify, citizens will need to verify their employment with a closed federal agency. Beginning Thursday, January 17th at noon, the online application will be available at

Across the nation, restaurants, corporations, and local and state governments are providing extra support to help their customers weather the shutdown. Mayor Day is encouraging local utilities, mortgage companies, and landlords to look at ways to lessen the impact of this shutdown on federal employees and contractors.

For more information on billing deferment for furloughed federal employees, please call 410-548-3115.


Eligibility: Any property owner who is a federal employee (or has a tenant that is a federal employee) Bills with “Bill Date” or “Due Date” during the shutdown period can be deferred for 6 months after the shutdown.

Interest:  No interest or penalties will be charged

Cut Offs:  No cutoffs due to unpaid bills during the shutdown period