City Reaches Milestone with Successful Recycling Program

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Salisbury—Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce a significant increase in curbside recycling from FY18 to FY19. During the 2018 fiscal year, a reported 362.98 tons of recyclable materials were collected. This year, that number rose to 421.61 tons, a 16.15% increase in recycling. Total tons of non-recyclable trash collected only increased by 1.86% from FY18 to FY19.

“Recycling is a vital component of ensuring a healthy environment for generations to come. I am pleased to report that Salisbury residents are participating in our recycling program more than ever before. The increase directly coincides with the appointment of the City’s first Sustainability Coordinator, Alyssa Massey, and the inception of our ‘Recycle Right’ campaign,” said Mayor Day.

Salisbury’s ‘Recycle Right’ campaign aims to make the in-home recycling process easy and understandable. Utilizing varying methods, from social media posts to printed materials, ‘Recycle Right’ provides citizens with information and tips meant to take the confusion out of curbside recycling.

Recycling is a service provided by the City of Salisbury. It presents citizens with a convenient way to recycle cardboard, plastics, paper and glass. When waste is recycled, it preserves natural resources, reduces pollution and avoids taking up space in landfills. Recycle bins are provided free of charge to those who would like to recycle and a full list of recyclable materials is available on the city website, as well as on magnets for easy, convenient access.

In 2018, The City began collecting corrugated cardboard, eliminating the need for citizens to schedule cardboard pickup separately. The goal of this program is to reduce the amount of cardboard going to landfills by making it more convenient for citizens to recycle. In its first full year of the program, The City has collected 106.56 tons of recyclable cardboard in the form of cereal boxes, Amazon and shipping boxes, boxboard and Kleenex boxes.

“I’m proud of the success of Salisbury’s recycling program. Despite shifting recycling markets, Salisbury is still committed to increasing the amount of waste we divert from the landfill through our curbside program. We are excited to see the recycling program grow even more!” noted Alyssa Massey, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator.

For more information about Salisbury’s recycling program, or to access a list of recyclable materials, visit

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