City Receives “Yellow Route” Grant from Maryland Bikeways Program


Mayor James Ireton Jr. is pleased to announce that the City of Salisbury Public Works Department has been awarded a grant from the Maryland Bikeways Program in the amount of $32,440.  The grant will fund improvements to the bike lanes on Riverside Drive, new bike lanes on South Boulevard between Camden Avenue and Riverside Drive, and five (5) bike racks for the Downtown.  The total project cost will be approximately $52,000.  The project will be designed and installed by the Public Works Department.

The grant will help continue the integration of a bike lane network in Salisbury, an effort pioneered and led by Salisbury,, Salisbury University, and The Seagull Century Foundation.  The new bike lanes will stem off of the recently completed Orange Route bike path that connects Salisbury University to Downtown Salisbury.  The City appreciates the State of Maryland’s continued financial support to improve our bike lane network.