Council to Discuss Plan and Vision for Anne Street Village

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While the Salisbury City Council is in total support of the Truitt Street Community Center and Waterside Park renovation  projects and desires a rapid completion, this body does not feel it was right to remove CDBG funding originally allocated for Anne Street Village and necessary to protect those in our city that cannot afford the luxury of housing. Under the direction of the Mayor’s office, a proposal that would shift the respective funding toward the completion of the Truitt Street and Waterside projects was recommended. At this time, the Council does not feel this is the responsible or proper route to take.   

We have instructed the HCDD Director and Mayor’s office to reconvene and present a concise plan and vision for Anne Street Village moving forward, demonstrating the benefits this project has for our community and its citizens while also showcasing how and when Anne Street Village will become ADA accessible. The council has asked for this proposal by next work session (June 17) in order to responsibly determine where the CDBG funds should be allocated.