Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Address SACC Members

Older man in a suit and tie

This month’s SACC General Membership Luncheon featured Delaware Secretary of Agriculture Michael Scuse. The May 16th luncheon was hosted by Adams Taphouse in Fruitland, Maryland. 

Secretary Scuse began his remarks by touting agriculture as Delaware’s number one industry. Detailing the economic impact of Delaware’s agriculture, he noted that the sector employs seventy-five thousand people and generates a staggering $13 billion in economic activity for the state. 

Scuse also underscored the state’s commitment to preserving its agricultural land, a testament to Delaware’s dedication to its roots. He highlighted the interconnectedness of Delaware with Maryland and the eastern shore of Virginia, stating that these states could serve as models for the rest of the United States in encouraging quality agricultural practices and successful agricultural businesses.

He added that ninety-five percent of Delaware’s farms are family farms, tangible assets to the state. Delaware is the nation’s number-one grower of lima beans and number ten in sweet corn production. 

The poultry industry was also part of the presentation. Sussex County is the number-one producer of broiler chickens in the United States. Family-owned poultry farms grow more than 230 million broiler chickens annually, with an economic impact of almost $5 billion. 

“Delaware has been producing broiler chickens for over one hundred years, just a bit longer than Maryland,” added Secretary Scuse.

Ag preservation was another topic of great importance.  Secretary Scuse noted, “We have the second most aggressive ag preservation program in the country, right behind the state of New Jersey, which is number one. Last year, we preserved 150 thousand acres of agricultural land, and the state will continue in those efforts moving forward”. This is a crucial step in ensuring the sustainability and future of our agricultural industry.

Secretary Scuse closed his remarks by noting how important ports are to the ag industry. “Delaware farms can ship overnight to one-third of the United States population using Baltimore and the Port of Wilmington, the largest refrigerated port in the United States.”

A General Membership Breakfast featuring the Law Enforcement Leaders of Delmarva will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 8:00 AM at the University of Maryland Richard Henson Center in Princess Anne, MD. The breakfast is presented by Absolute Security Group, Inc. and sponsored by Minuteman Press. 

Law Enforcement leaders will share challenges and opportunities facing their respective departments including juvenile crime, the changing political landscape, and staffing challenges. 

Tickets are $35 for members and $35 nor non-members and may be purchased at or by calling 410-749-0144.