Delmarva Veteran Builders Announces New Commercial Waste Company

delmarva veteran builders

Salisbury, Md. – December 23, 2020 –Delmarva Veteran Builders (DVB) is excited to announce the launch of its new entity, Delmarva Veteran Trashforce (DVT). DVT will hold a mission similar to its notable counterpart; employ veterans while being active in the community, building its employees both professionally and personally and delivering ‘next-level’ customer service in a commercial waste company. Simply put, the mission statement adopted by DVT is “to provide second chances to veterans in our community, by empowering them with a career in a growing industry, while serving our clients as a commercial waste company”.

Despite 2020 being a difficult year, founder Chris Eccleston believed the timing was perfect to launch the new company. The core of DVT’s mission is to provide second chances to veterans and in the midst of the pandemic Eccleston believed now was the best time to give hope.

During the start of the pandemic, Chris rallied his local business owners with the empowering motto, “Be the Buffalo!”. This slogan was adopted by the City of Salisbury Mayor, Jake Day in COVID related communications to the Salisbury business community. The phrase inspires everyone to ‘charge the storm’ – Like the buffalo, instead of avoiding challenges, put your head down and ride into the storm.

DVT will employ both veterans and civilians that display the same grit that embodies the DVB spirit. Trash collection and disposal continues to be one of the most essential services as the world modernizes. DVT plans to celebrate and elevate its employees as respected leaders in the community interested in changing the narrative while inspiring others to greatness.