ETS Makes Transportation Easier in Ocean City with “EMoney Digital Wallet”


The town of Ocean City has been working with Electronic Transaction Systems to create the best solution for riding the beach bus without cash in hand. Together with the Town of Ocean City, ETS created a user-friendly option for tourists and locals alike.

ETS plans to promote their EMoney™ Digital Wallet, a convenient way to pay for transit when the traveler does not have cash on hand. The service allows users to purchase and use virtual tickets that appear directly on their smartphones. The process is accomplished by downloading the EMoney™ Digital Wallet, and linking it directly to a bank account and/or credit card. To board the bus, riders merely show the driver their purchased fair and proceed on their way. By looking at the “spinning bus logo” on the phone’s screen drivers can effortlessly validate the ticket.

To increase the user base of the EMoney™ Digital Wallet, ETS brought on a team of local college interns to raise awareness and promote the benefits of using the EMoney™ Digital Wallet for transport. With that in mind the college interns prepared a marketing campaign set to span from June 26th till July 17th.
On July 3, 5, 11, and 13 members of the marketing team will be on the boardwalk on 1st street in Ocean City. They will be manning an information booth equipped with promotional products such as water bottles, sunglasses, and frisbees to help promote the EMoney™ Digital Wallet.

The EMoney™ interns will also riding buses in Ocean City wearing a “No Cash, No Problem” shirts. The interns will be providing information about the ETransit™ features while helping families and individuals sign up to ride. In the upcoming years, ETS hopes to enable more merchants to reduce the need to pay interchange fees and start accepting EMoney™ today.

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