Grow Your Business with The SACC Lead Share Groups

Pictured left, front to back: Nave Thomas (Greg Reddell State Farm Insurance), Hank & Sharyn Yuloff (Yuloff Creative Marketing), Mirella Hardy (U.S. Kennels), Cat Curran (GSB Media, LLC), Eugenia Hull (She Can and She Did, LLC), Sue Albert (Care Patrol of Delmarva), Jeremy Heslop (Omni Tech Pro), Rodney Beebee (Millstone Company), Michelle Lewis (McCrone Engineering) Right, front to back: Chris Yingling (Complete Cleaning), Karen Holstein (John B. Parsons Home), Debbie Bounds, (Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce), Andrew Helton (Simple Fiber), Mick Haensler (RipTide Restoration), Ryan Bounds (Straight Edge Construction, Inc.), Christina Huslande (FLC Energy Products and Services)

The concept of Lead Share is simple yet effective. Generating sales leads is the key to business growth and success. Participating in a Lead Share group expands your sales team as you receive “warm referrals” to individuals and companies with whom you want to do business.

Participants build rapport and strong working relationships that support each other’s business initiatives through the sharing of referrals, customers, and suppliers.

Participation in Lead Share:

  • grows your bottom line
  • increases your professional network
  • sharpens your sales presentation skills
  • increases the centers of influence supporting your operations
  • is industry-exclusive, so there is no direct competition within the group

Here is the best part – there is NO COST to you! Participation is included in your annual SACC membership.

Know a business associate that could use some referrals? Bring a contact name or a guest and show them what Lead Share can do to help their business grow.

Lead Share Meeting Dates

Group 1 – Tuesdays
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
for more info, contact Paula Nichols at

Group 2 – Wednesdays
12:00 – 1:00 PM
for more info, contact Cat Curran at

Group 3 – First & Third Thursday
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
for more info, contact Colleen Nichols at

Group 4 – Each Thursday
8:30 – 9:30 AM
for more info, contact Allen Payne at