Hardwire LLC and Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy Partner to Enhance training efforts

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Hardwire LLC and Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy partner to enhance training efforts

Hardwire LLC, a leading provider of advanced ballistic armor solutions, recently provided a donation to the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy (ESCJA) operated by Wor-Wic Community College. Hardwire LLC provided two law enforcement tactical shields to ESCJA to bolster their training initiatives and better prepare officers for the future challenges they may face in the line of duty.

The ESCJA is a certified training program by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission that will mark its 91st graduating class this year. It provides entry-level and in-service training for more than 40 agencies on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, including agencies such as Salisbury Police Department, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Ocean City Police Department, Snow Hill Police Department and Cambridge Police Department among many others.

The donation of these tactical shields underscores Hardwire’s commitment to supporting law enforcement agencies and institutions. Hardwire understands that law enforcement is a difficult profession; tactical equipment can be a game changer in the safety of officers in the field, especially with proper training. These shields, crafted with high-performance materials in advanced designs, will provide ESCJA trainees with hands-on experience and exposure to real field equipment, mirroring the conditions and scenarios they may encounter in their professional careers.

“Tactical shields are essential tools for law enforcement officers, offering critical protection and tactical advantages in high-risk situations,” said George Tunis, CEO of Hardwire LLC. “By providing ESCJA with these shields, we aim to enhance their training curriculum and empower future officers with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the complexities of law enforcement.”

The partnership between Hardwire LLC and ESCJA signifies a shared commitment to advancing public safety and ensuring that law enforcement personnel receive the highest quality training. By incorporating these tactical shields into their training programs, ESCJA can simulate real-world scenarios, allowing trainees to develop crucial decision-making abilities, situational awareness, and tactical proficiency.

“We appreciate Hardwire’s efforts to help our students build their knowledge and understanding of vital tactical equipment through this generous donation,” said John C. Moses, director of criminal justice at Wor-Wic.

For more information about Pocomoke City-based Hardwire LLC and its innovative ballistic armor solutions, visit www.hardwirellc.com. To learn more about ESCJA and its training programs, visit www.worwic.edu.