House Gives Preliminary Approval to Tolling, Gaming Bills as Deadline Nears

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The House of Delegates gave preliminary approval to a bill to transfer $750 million from Maryland’s toll facilities to the state Transportation Trust Fund. The vote was one of two taken last Saturday on bills meant to target projected operating and transportation deficits. House Bill 1070 is part of a $1.2 billion package of toll, fee and tax increases announced by House leaders late last week. The House gave preliminary approval of House Bill 1319. The bill, if passed into law and approved by voters in November, would allow iGaming — casino-style games played on phones, computers and other electronic devices — in Maryland.

Budget crunch: Leaders in the House are continuing their search for potential revenue generating measures to address the state’s multi-billion dollar budget deficit caused largely in part by the ambitious Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, which does not have dedicated long term funding, along with growing transportation funding challenges.

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