Maryland Capital Enterprises Announces  the 2021 MCE Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year & Two NEW Awards for 2021!

Cameron Award

Maryland Capital Enterprises is pleased to announce that Dr. Amy Heger of The Night Watch Child Care Center has been named the 2021 MCE Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year!

Dr. Heger is the 10th recipient of this award, which began in 2001. On November 4, 2021 at Maryland Capital Enterprises in Salisbury, MD –  Mr. Maurice Ames, Executive Director at Maryland Capital Enterprises & Palmer Gillis, CEO Gillis-Gilkerson made the big announcement & presentations, which included two NEW Awards for 2021!

The recipient of MCE’s Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year Award is someone who has taken the risk of starting their own business, has created jobs, and has a business plan for the future. They have that fighting spirit that refuses to give up. They may be sleep-deprived and worn down, but they are ready to take on the world. That is certainly Dr. Amy Heger, she has done all the above & more!

Amy says she measures her success by their reach into the community. As other agencies have us in their contacts to help their clients, I see us as establishing ourselves as a resource for not just parents, but the community. From the local news featuring us to comment on the childcare crisis to shelters reaching out to us to help their families, I am seeing the residual effects of us being present in the community. We are looking to do more than just provide childcare for overnight hours. We want to be a resource for agencies to get their families connected with a vital resource. We want to be an all-in-one stop for our families, from assistance with job placement or helping them apply for other benefits (electric or rental assistance). I also measure my success by the quality of life for my staff. She works hard to pay a higher wage than many childcare centers so they will have money for personal goals. Dr Heger says it’s very important to her that they are taking family vacations, owning homes and striving to reach their own goals.

Maryland Capital Enterprises Annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award is named in honor of one of our very own local business owners that truly embodies that great entrepreneurial spirit! Palmer Gillis, a Salisbury native, has spent the last 37 years building his construction company into the one of the largest general contracting firms on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Along the way, he continues to give back through public service, including as an elected member of the Salisbury City Council and as a board member for numerous charitable causes and foundations. He has been a leading voice in trying to make his community a better place.


As part of this year’s presentations,  there were two NEW awards given to recognize local entrepreneurs that have shined in the area of workforce development & innovation.

Jon & Samantha Cameron of Telescope Pictures were presented with The Workforce Development Award.

They are being recognized for their incredible mission & execution of that mission providing mentoring, training & support for their staff.

They believe in supporting their crew members from the moment they walk in the door. Training and constant support is their main priority. Setting someone up for success is not a one size fits all.

The management staff at Telescope Pictures, as well Jon & Samantha are never too busy to work with someone who is willing to learn and to succeed at the job. Success is not always about being the best or making the most money. Seeing a young crew member grow and build confidence in themselves is just as rewarding, said Jon & Samantha Cameron. However, it is important to us that our crew members walk away each summer feeling like family, and feeling accomplished both emotionally and monetarily. To the Cameron’s success is measured by how much they support their crew, customers and community.

Tracy Trice Lewis of Eastern Shore Mobile Drug Testing & DOT Compliance was presented with the Innovator Award.

This was in recognition of her innovative thinking, creating a business and a business plan to provide a service that no one else offers and bring that idea to fruition…. By being the only local mobile testing and office testing facility. They offer personalized service on a consistent basis & sets a standard of care that customers will appreciate. Their mission is to help employers improve employee safety along with the safety of the general public by providing their clients with Integrity, Efficiency, and Confidentiality.

When asked what sets them apart from everyone else, Tracy said – ALL of our staff know all the Federal regulations when it comes to the Department of Transportation, we are mobile to cut down the chance of an employer having a Worker’s Comp issue if someone was to be involved in an accident while going to the testing facility, we work with our client’s schedules and we make ALL of our clients feel comfortable and private.

Congratulations to ALL of our award recipients – we look

forward to seeing more exceptional local small businesses nominated in 2022 !


To learn more about the MCE Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Maryland Capital Enterprises services go to

Visit our winners businesses by clicking on the links below :

2021 MCE Palmer Gillis Entrepreneur of the Year

Workforce Development Award

Innovator Award

Maurice Ames – MCE, Executive Director / Tracy Trice Lewis, Owner Eastern Shore Mobile Drug Testing & DOT Innovator Award Winner / Palmer Gillis – CEO Gillis Gilkerson

Maurice Ames – MCE, Executive Director / Dr Amy Heger – The Night Watch Child Care Center 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, Palmer Gillis – CEO Gillis Gilkerson

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