Matt Runnalls Visits The Salisbury School, Shares Insights on Emotional Management for Younger Students

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Salisbury, MD – The Salisbury School is excited to announce that Matt Runnalls, a celebrated mental health advocate known for his global suicide prevention efforts, will visit our Lower School students this May. While Matt’s contributions to addressing mental health challenges are recognized worldwide, his upcoming session at The Salisbury School will focus on cultivating healthy emotional management among young learners. 

Matt Runnalls, originally from Australia, is a significant figure in mental health advocacy. He uses his personal experiences with mental health challenges to connect with and help others. His visit to The Salisbury School is part of a broader initiative across Wicomico and Worcester counties, where he will engage with various educational institutions and community events.

 At The Salisbury School, Matt’s interaction with the lower school students will center around understanding and expressing the five core emotions. He will introduce methods children can use to express their feelings confidently and positively. Emphasizing gratitude, kindness, and present awareness, Matt will equip our students with practical techniques to manage their emotions effectively. 

“Our commitment at The Salisbury School is to provide a supportive environment that not only focuses on academic excellence but also our students’ emotional and mental well-being,” says Sherri Sigrist, School Counselor at The Salisbury School. “Matt’s approach to teaching young children about emotional management is exactly what we need to empower them to thrive in all areas of life.” 

This visit is part of a larger tour, including his engagements at Salisbury University and middle schools within Wicomico and Worcester counties, focusing on mental health resilience and suicide prevention. However, at The Salisbury School, the spotlight will be on providing our younger students with the foundational skills to navigate their emotions healthily. 

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