Musicians Selected by Competitive Audition to First Wicomico All-County Orchestra

all county orchestra

Talented strings players from Wicomico’s middle and high schools have been selected by competitive audition to the very first Wicomico All-County Orchestra, sponsored by the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore as a showcase for string education and performance in Wicomico Schools.

Over the past 10 years, Wicomico County’s string program has grown to include orchestra programs at every middle and high school as well as beginner string programs in almost all elementary schools. The number of students participating in the strings program has also increased dramatically. With this exciting progress, it was decided that an All-County Orchestra would be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and showcase the school system’s top orchestra musicians.

On Saturday, Jan. 18, the Wicomico County orchestra directors held an audition day, with middle and high school string musicians vying for a spot in the All-County Orchestra. Those selected will gather on Friday, March 6 for a full day of rehearsals led by collegiate orchestra conductor Dr. Peter Isaacson. A public concert will take place at 7 p.m. that evening in the Wicomico High School Auditorium. Admission will be $4 at the door and all proceeds will go toward funding the All-County Orchestra the following year, so that students can participate at little or no cost.

Wicomico County Public Schools is proud to be a NAMM Foundation “Best Communities for Music Education,” a distinction earned for 10 of the past 13 years. Initiatives like the All-County Orchestra, led by Orchestra Director Courtney Coco, will spark new collaboration between the teachers, students, families and community.

Auditions were very competitive and the orchestra directors are extremely proud of all students who came to try out. Congratulations to all of the students who earned a spot in the first All-County Orchestra!

Section Leaders: These musicians had the top scores in the auditions, and will sit at the very front of the ensemble to lead their peers:

James Hsia, Violin 1, Parkside High

Simon Jeong, Violin 1, James M. Bennett High

Anna Long, Violin 2, James M. Bennett High

Andrea Chen, Violin 2, Bennett Middle

Josie Sollars, Viola, James M. Bennett High

Eleanor Flores, Viola, Mardela High

Alexzander Baer, Cello, Mardela High

Cedrick Jung, Cello, Salisbury Middle

Adan Thomas-Mason, Bass, James M. Bennett High

The rest of the All-County Orchestra, in alphabetical order by section:

Violin 1

Grace Acle, James M. Bennett High

Akkad Alzayady, Salisbury Middle

Cristina Avanessian, James M. Bennett High

Riley Bozman, James M. Bennett High

Alexis Cottman, Mardela High

Gracie Elswick, Parkside High

Kelsey Flores, Mardela High

Ellie Long, James M. Bennett High

Eduardo Minchala, James M. Bennett High

Megyn Nguyen, Bennett Middle

Kirsten Parsons, Wicomico High School

Abigail Shockley, Mardela High

Brianna Truitt, Bennett Middle

Violin 2

Sarah Augustin, James M. Bennett High

Zoe Boyd, Bennett Middle

Roxanne Chow, James M. Bennett High

Lauren Collins, Salisbury Middle

Marleigh Curran, Salisbury Middle

Rhianna Denaque, Bennett Middle

Katelyn Ford, James M. Bennett High

Melissa Galindo-Torres, Salisbury Middle

Laynie Lopez, Pittsville Middle

Mackenzie Triplett, Mardela Middle
Olivia Wheatley, Mardela High

Violin 3

Bry’an Brown, Wicomico High

Jordis Davis, Wicomico Middle

I’naka Hudgins, Wicomico High

Naphtalie Orneus, James M. Bennett High


Kaylie Hupke, Mardela Middle

Wayne Slate, Wicomico High


Makayla Bounds, Mardela High

Chris Howard, Salisbury Middle

Brady Morrison, Wicomico High


Joshua Dartilus, Wicomico Middle

Allie Jimmerson, Bennett Middle

Ava Streng, Salisbury Middle

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