New taxes, fees are not the way to ensure fiscal stability

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Senate Minority Leader J.B. Jennings, representing Baltimore and Harford counties, wrote in a recent commentary piece to the Baltimore Sun that Maryland faces significant fiscal challenges, not from a lack of taxation but rather from legislative initiatives enacted without a clear long-term funding strategy. These initiatives have resulted in multibillion-dollar deficits projected for future budgets. He says that many in the legislature have cautioned against enacting expansive spending policies without a coherent long-term funding strategy.

Senator Jennings: “[A]s we navigate Maryland’s fiscal landscape, it is evident that the solution does not lie in increasing the financial burden on Marylanders. Instead, we must consider modifying these legislative initiatives to enable revenues from a growing economy to align with the spending required by these policies. By promoting economic growth and ensuring prudent fiscal management, we can navigate these challenges without excessively burdening our residents.”

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