Overcoming the Key Bridge Crisis: Resources for Maryland Businesses

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Dear Maryland businesses,

Following the recent catastrophic collapse of the Key Bridge, which has sent shockwaves through our communities and industries across Maryland, we are proud to announce the formation of the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition.

This coalition is comprised of leading business organizations from throughout our state, including the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Greater Baltimore Committee, World Trade Center Institute, Greater Washington Partnership, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as a robust network of regional and local chambers, economic councils, industry associations, and community groups. United in purpose, this coalition has come together to provide vital support, resources and advocacy to our business community during this challenging time.

The loss of the Key Bridge and the resulting disruption to Port of Baltimore operations have already had sweeping, far-reaching consequences. Businesses, workers, and entire communities across Maryland are feeling the impact. As we face these unprecedented challenges, the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition is focused on leveraging our collective resources and expertise to help you navigate through this crisis.

Our Mission: Supporting Maryland Businesses in Times of Crisis

As part of our ongoing efforts, the Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition is focused on several key initiatives to assist you.

· Survey: To better understand the impact, we strongly encourage all businesses, regardless of size or industry, to participate in our statewide Business Impact Survey. Your feedback will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you are facing — from impacts on your employees and revenue to disruptions in your supply chain. This critical data will guide our advocacy efforts with state and federal partners, including the Maryland Governor’s Office and Department of Commerce, and help ensure all partners are aware of the full scope of issues impacting the business community. Take survey now

· Resource Hub: Explore our newly launched Resource Hub at mdchamber.org/Bridge, where you can find essential information, updates, and support tools tailored to the needs of impacted businesses. Whether you’re seeking information about available financial assistance or other forms of support, our Resource Hub is here to help.

· Advocacy and Information Exchange: We are committed to elevating the challenges faced by businesses like yours, advocating for robust recovery assistance from policymakers, and facilitating crucial information-sharing across our statewide network.

Stories from the Frontlines: Highlighting the Impact

As we push forward in our recovery efforts, it’s important to recognize the real stories behind this crisis. Here are just a few examples of the challenges businesses are facing:

· Warehousing, logistics and transportation companies across the state are grappling with the sudden halt in income streams, impacting revenue not only in the short term but potentially for years to come.

· Agriculture producers are facing accessibility issues with vital supplies like fertilizers and experiencing disruptions in transportation to and from farms and customers.

· Tourism and travel advisors, particularly those reliant on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the vicinity of the Key Bridge, are bracing for significant impacts on their operations.

· Retailers, restaurants and various businesses are anticipating lower foot traffic due to disrupted travel patterns caused by the bridge closure, along with concerns about supply chain disruptions.

Join Us in Building a Stronger Future

As we navigate through these challenging times, we know that we are stronger together. The Building Bridges to Recovery Coalition is here to support you every step of the way. Together, we will rebuild, recover and emerge stronger than before.

Visit mdchamber.org/Bridge to access our Resource Hub, participate in the impact survey and stay updated on coalition initiatives.