Pioneering IV Infusion Therapy in Salisbury, MD and Beyond!


On November 30th the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce members joined Beth Laramore, owner of All-Shore Infusion & Wellness Center, for an official ribbon cutting for this pioneer therapy center in Salisbury.

Beth Laramore, CRNP-FNP grew up on the Shore and started her medical career in the United States Air Force in 1989, where she flew on C-141s as an Air Force flight Medic and served during Desert Storm. Afterward, Beth transferred to the Army, where she became an LPN or 91C and continued to serve military and civilian personnel. In 2001, after leaving the military, she completed her RN degree at Wor-Wic and eventually worked as a staff nurse at the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health for many years.

In 2007, she obtained her BSN from Villa Julia College and soon after completed the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Wilmington University. She then took on an advanced practice role as the WOCN for five years. Early 2020, she returned to the nursing units and traveled throughout the country, taking care of COVID patients. While serving selflessly on the frontlines of the pandemic, she realized how essential vitamins and minerals are to boosting the immune system and keeping patients from dying.

Ultimately, the All-Shore Infusion and Wellness Center was created.

Beth shared with guests “Last year I ended up having a full knee replacement that slowed me down and I was trying to figure out something that I could do that would accommodate my new lifestyle and allow me to serve my community. I wanted to be able to meet interesting people and have control of my schedule. I went down to Florida and looked at various infusion clinics and took a course to be certified.”

“Opening has been a lot of work, but I was able to be fully operational by August. I am excited to share that WBOC Delmarva Life came to interview me a few weeks ago and I was glad I could explain what I do and what I can offer. I am hoping that I can grow and get a mobile van and be able to do wedding parties and other events,” Laramore added.

Did you know that ingesting pills and powders only provide approximately 30% absorption, whereas IV administration offers 100% absorption? With over 20 infusions available, All-Shore Infusion and Wellness Center’s mission is to provide alternative ways to fortify the immune system to help patients elevate their collective health.

Optimize your energy, mental clarity, hydration, and protection from viruses like the coronavirus and flu. IV infusions are easily available for hydration, migraine and pain mixture, immune blend, handover blend, beauty blend, metabolic weight loss blend, energy blend, detox blend, anti-stress blend, Glutathione Antioxidant Anti-Aging, Acne Blend, Myers Cocktail Blend, Athletic Boost, Athletic Enhancement, Coenzyme Q10, Libo Mino Mix, Mic-B Skinny Shot, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Oxygen Bar, Oxygen and Hydration, NAD, IV add on medications, Intramuscular Medications.

Guests were delighted with light fares, desserts and assorted adult beverages. Door prizes included 2 separate shots of B12 and the lucky winners were Dawn Rayne and Kyle Georg.

To book your infusion visit, call 443-736-8748 or stop by 1305 S. Division St, Suite 12, Salisbury.