Regional Workforce Partners Host Business Input Meeting

group of four people meeting in a conference room

In May of 2022, The Regional Workforce Partners developed out of the Workforce Solutions Committee from the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce with the idea to have the group include all county businesses.  The group would meet to discuss workforce challenges and how to attempt to mitigate what we can (generated a list of the challenges to target).  Over the last year we recognized that workforce challenges that were being discussed were more regional, so we are expanding to include Wicomico and Somerset counties. Also, over the last year, the group has lost business participation and has been more organizations.  Which brings us to now.

The Regional Workforce Partners has decided to meet twice a year to do the following:

  • Get input from the businesses (in Worcester, Wicomico & Somerset) on current workforce challenges
  • Have the organizations inform on any of the challenges that they are working on
  • Provide resources that may be available for some challenges
  • Create a plan to mitigate the challenges that we can

The meeting for this year will be on November 2nd; please register via the QR code or this link:

For more information, please call (410) 632-3112.