Ribbon Cutting – New Vision Heron Mural


As part of the Third Friday celebrations on June 20, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for release of a new art piece, “New Vision Heron Mural.” This piece of art replaced the original heron mural, both created by James Thatcher. Sperry Van Ness-Miller Commercial Real Estate, who runs the City Center where both murals are located, worked with the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce and Salisbury Arts and Entertainment District Committee along with various volunteers and donors over two years in order to erect the new art piece. The original mural was made by Thatcher in memory of his late wife. Due to years of weathering it was decided that it was time to take it down but many were sad to see loss of such a well established part of the community that it was decided another art work would take its place. This new four paneled heron mural will stand with beauty and grace for years to come.

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