SACC Joins in Statewide Lobby Against HB1628

HB 2

The SACC along with twenty-eight other statewide businesses and business advocacy groups lobbied heavily to strike down HB 1628, which would have been the largest tax hike in Maryland history. The bill would have added sales taxes to a variety of services that businesses and citizens use and need every day.

Thankfully, HB 1628 was unanimously voted down in committee on Wednesday evening. Next on the horizon is another services tax bill, HB 1354 which would again tax services including tanning, interior design services, dog walking, to name a few.

Concerns are also being raised about new legislation that would incorporate nine pending tax hike bills, into one consolidated revenue raising bill. The situation is fluid and the Chamber will be on top and in front of these pieces of legislation representing the interests of businesses and their employees.

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