Salisbury Zoo Announces Chaska’s Baby Registry


SALISBURY, MD—The Salisbury Zoo is happy to announce Chaska’s Baby Registry, a fundraiser for a new Andean bear maternity den for the Zoo.

Chaska, the Salisbury Zoo’s female Andean bear, gave birth to twin boys Raymi and Inti in January. The Zoo’s newest Andean bear initiative comes in the form of a mock baby registry for the trio, including items such as baby booties, a crib, stroller, swing, and even a spa day for mom Chaska. The bears will not receive the physical item associated with the dollar amount, but donations will allow the Zoo to provide the bears with a different gift: a safe, warm place to grow and thrive for decades to come. Donation tiers range from $15 for bottles to $2,500 for a future college fund.

The current maternity den, which has been in the facility for many years, needs significant improvements to climbing structures, hammocks and beds, and toy items, as well as expanding rooms and creating a larger outside yard exclusive to mother and cubs. “As our Zoo and our animals grow and evolve, so do our needs. Our maternity den is incredibly important to our Andean bears, as the first few months of life that are spent in that den are crucial to the bond between mother and baby,” said Zoo Director Leonora Dillon.

Donors who contribute at least $150 will receive two tickets to a baby shower for Raymi and Inti, an invite-only event on June 23rd complete with cake, party games, music, and more. Donors who contribute $500 or more will receive a one-of-a-kind painting done by father Pinocchio.

“We are excited to announce Chaska’s Baby Registry and hope that it can be a way for more people to learn about our bears and the many things that are changing at the Zoo,” said Marketing and Development Director Mary Seemann. “We want the public to provide their input and be involved in these changes as much as possible.”

The registry is open from Wednesday, May 4 until Saturday, June 16. To visit Chaska’s Baby Registry, please visit

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