SBYFIT Offering Fitness and Nutrition That Works!

Ribbon Cutting for new SACC member SBYFIT

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce was delighted to start 2023 by welcoming new member SBY FIT on January 5th with a ribbon cutting at their great facilities located at 406 Marvel Rd, Unit B in Salisbury.

Locally owned by Cameron Ball, David Cain and Justin Kelley, SBY Fit opened its doors in 2012 and it is the only Cross Fit affiliate gym in Wicomico County.    SBYFIT is a community gym that focuses on building health and wellness through functional fitness and provides nutrition coaching, group training, and personal training to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Our certified coaches and supportive community will help you get the real results you have always wanted and help you build the habits you will need for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Cameron Ball provided guests with a tour of the gym and explained that “Our classes take place in the morning and afternoon and are run by a certified coach.  When our members arrive, they sign up and we have a plan in place to be followed during the workout.   The plan is different each day, because we believe that the variety you can get from the different movements with our workout regimen is what will provide you benefits and results.   We are very minimalistic here, we don’t have a lot of machines like you will see in other gyms, but what we miss in equipment we make up in attention to our members.  The only machines we have are bikes, rowers, and skiers and the most important is “our people”.  We do a lot with gymnastics in the form of body weightlifting and weightlifting training, and we make it fun.    Our gym is spacious so that we can accommodate large classes.   The workout of the day is displayed on a TV, and it always includes a warmup and a cooldown.  You will also work with a partner, alternating exercises for 1 minute, which constitutes 1 round.   Workout time varies according to the exercises involved with the daily workouts.  Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and medicine balls are also incorporated in our workouts.   Movement is necessary no matter how old we are to keep us healthy, and at SBYFIT we will modify any workout to make sure you are able to complete each routine.

Justin Kelly explained that “This a functional fitness. The big difference with our membership is that you get accountability, a community to support you and a coach, all for the same price!  The community is important because you see and workout with the same people every day, and they will hold you accountable for your goals”.

David Cain, highlighted that “We have high level and low level athletes, old and young, SBYFIT is for everyone.  If you need strength and conditioning this is the best thing for you.  Check out any of our classes, and you will see that we are just normal people, just like you, who want to get healthier.

David also shared that they just launched a new corporate wellness program exclusive to SACC’s members, which includes CrossFit classes for all employees at a 70% discount.  For more information you may contact Davis directly at

Door prizes included a SBYFIT t-shirt, SBYFIT hoodie, and 1 month free at SBYFIT won by members Robert Fuller, Christy Hoffa and Anthony Joseph.

For more information or schedule your intro visit or call 443-365-0160.