SU Bids Farewell to 37 Retirees

Salisbury University

SALISBURY, MD—Salisbury University recently bid farewell to 37 faculty and staff who retired in fiscal year 2020. Together, they have influenced thousands of students throughout the years, representing more than eight centuries of experience.

They are (date of hire in parentheses): Charlotte Rayne (1973) and Loretta West (1998), Financial Services; Gail Larmore (1974), Admissions; David Parker (1974), Mathematics and Computer Science; Vicki Robison (1974), Provost’s Office; Vaughn White (1979), Multicultural Student Services; David Lake (1984), Eric Harmon (1988), Damaris Noguera-Moore (1998), Mary Nelson (2002) and Lawrence Dale (2007), Housekeeping and Custodial Services; Voncelia Brown (1985), Dorothea Winter (1986) and Carmel Boger (2008), School of Nursing; Jill Leisten (1988), Financial Aid; Elizabeth Curtin (1989) and Karen Rayne (1991), English; Brent Wilhelm (1989), Computer Services; Peggy Genvert (1995), History; Gaylord Robb (1995), SU Libraries; Robert Smith (1995), Music, Theatre and Dance; Laurie Andes (1996), Literacy Studies; Margie Knight (1997), Athletics; Haven Simmons (1997), Communication; Suzanne Byrd (1998), SU Bookstore; Sandy Griswold (1998), Alumni Relations; Debbie Kerns (1999) and Sandy Bradley (2010), University Police; June Krell-Salgado (1999), Cultural Affairs; Pam Olszewski (1999), Art; Jeff Downes (2000), Architectural and Engineering Services; Debra Truitt (2000), Psychology; Paula Morris (2002) and Vera Street (2006), Management and Marketing; Jim Miller (2003), Building Trades; Gwen Beegle (2007), Secondary and Physical Education; and Aaron Basko (2008), Enrollment Management.

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