SU Food for the Flock Initiative Expands

SU Food for Flock

Salisbury University’s Food for the Flock food pantry is expanding access for food-insecure students with a new satellite location at University Park Apartments.

The student-run organization recently installed a cabinet in the clubhouse of the SU-affiliated, off-campus student housing complex, which will serve as both a food distribution and donation point. All SU students, not just those living at University Park, will have access to the pantry during open clubhouse hours 8 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

Members of the Food for the Flock board of directors and SU Campus Hunger Task Force inaugurated the new space. University Park management invited Lyons to provide information on the initiative during a grocery bingo to raise awareness of its availability for those who need it.

“You cannot focus on studies and you cannot function daily without an adequate diet,” said Lydia Lyons, Food for the Flock president.

The satellite location, which will complement the organization’s on-campus location in the Commons, is the latest effort to expand Food for the Flock’s accessibility and offerings. Through a $13,000 Maryland Higher Education grant in 2022, the organization updated its fixtures and donation boxes, added new donation points on campus, and hired a part-time employee to more reliably staff the SU location.

The organization is ensuring students have access to food in other ways, as well. In conjunction with the Maryland Food Bank, its members will distribute some 6,000 pounds of free food from 2-5 p.m. Thursday, May 11, in The Square.

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