Salisbury Historical Marker Task Force Created

SALISBURY – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce the creation of a task force which will plan the placement of historical markers throughout the City.  The Salisbury Historical Marker Task Force, which will be led by local historian Linda Duyer, held its first meeting on Wednesday, May 15.

Duyer, the author of several local history books and curator of multiple websites which specialize in the preservation of Salisbury’s past said, “With all the changes happening in Salisbury and recent work memorializing local history, there seems to be a need and interest in a planning process to honor the city’s heritage through new historical markers or other forms of memorialization.”

As part of the planning process, the task force will seek public input to help identify locations which are worthy of commemoration, ensuring that the community’s voice is heard and represented.

“The public is the most important component of this process,” said Duyer, “and we invite input and participation by community members. That participation can take different forms, and happen at all stages of the process.  The tasks at hand are daunting and so many factors go into this process, but none of it can be done without public help.”

Not every story can be easily presented on a historic marker, but the information compiled by this task force can benefit the community in other ways, such as print brochures and educational materials.

“In about fourteen years, Salisbury will be celebrating its tricentennial. This time period gives the city the opportunity to think about how the history and culture can be presented to residents and visitors alongside all the changes happening to the City’s landscape,” said Duyer.

Mayor Day said, “I think it’s fitting that at this moment, as we’re coming back to our core and caring for the heart of our City, we’re also taking the necessary steps to ensure that the history of this place—our story—continues to be told.  It is vitally important that we do so.”

The task force will share the information it compiles through various channels including internet shared files, social media updates, and emailed updates. Those interested in participating or learning more about the work are encouraged to contact Linda Duyer at

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