Salisbury to implement Green Business Certification

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Salisbury, MD—Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (Green Team) has developed a comprehensive Green Business Certification program to recognize businesses which have made a provable commitment to becoming more sustainable in their operations.

In order to receive the certification, a business must complete a self-evaluation using a provided checklist. The more difficult or important an item on the list is to fulfill, the higher its assigned point value. Upon completion of the checklist, point values are totaled up, and a successful business will have qualified for one of three tiers of certification:  Gold (12 points), Silver (10 points), or Bronze (8 points).

Among the many factors considered is whether a business has decided to go “strawless” by either eliminating drinking straws altogether, or by choosing to use more environmentally friendly options such as paper or bamboo, rather than traditional, plastic straws.

Other items on the checklist include:

  • The use of sustainable practices during events, such as limiting single-use items, or using only recyclable products
  • The use of energy-efficient lighting
  • Being “bike friendly,” making it easier for customers to patronize a business without having to drive there in a car
  • The use of compostable materials such as utensils and bags
  • Water efficient fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms

After the checklist has been submitted for consideration, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator will visit the business to verify that all point values have been correctly assessed. Businesses which are awarded the certification will get an official Green Business sticker for display, a certificate of recognition from Mayor Jake Day, and recognition on multiple social media platforms and the City’s website.

More information about this certification can be found here:

For more information about the City’s green initiatives, or to find out more about the Sustainability Advisory Committee (Green Team), please contact Alyssa Massey at

*Attached photo—The City’s Green Team presents the City Council with reusable shopping bags. The bags were given as part of the announcement of the Green Business Certification initiative at the Council meeting on Monday, April 22nd.  L-R:  Councilman Jim Ireton, Mayor Jake Day, City Administrator Julia Glanz, Councilwoman Angela Blake, Green Team Member Kacey Martin, Council President Jack Heath, Sustainability Coordinator Alyssa Massey, Council Vice President Muir Boda, Councilwoman April Jackson

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