Wicomico County Council – Declaring Support for a Kinder World

wicomico county

The County Council unanimously approved Resolution No. 95-2019, on June 18, 2019, declaring support for a kinder world. Mr. Michael Lloyd-White, CEO of World Kindness USA & Immediate Past Secretary General to the peak global body “The World Kindness Movement,” joined the County Council to witness the signing of the resolution. Ms. Grace Murdock, founder of Wicomico Grows Kindness was also in attendance. Council President John Cannon said there is value in declaring ongoing support for international collaboration of all levels of Governments and its citizens to create kinder and peaceful societies. The County Council hopes that its support of World Kindness USA will contribute to inspiring all levels of government, businesses and communities in all Nations to connect through finding the courage to be kind.

Pictured above: Front Row – Councilman William R. McCain, Ms. Grace Murdock, Mr. Michael Lloyd-White, Council President John T. Cannon, and Councilman Ernie Davis. Back Row- Councilman Joe Holloway and Councilman Josh Hastings

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